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Beauty From Ashes

Beauty From Ashes
Product Information

Reading for Times of Loss by Jennifer Rees Larcombe

This is a new edition of Jen's classic book on the topic of handling loss. It features 40 days of Bible readings, reflection and prayers. The author speaks from her own experiences of loss. It works through stages of grieving from first desolation to the beginnings of hope. It is suitable for people seeking Bible-based consolation following bereavement and loss, Jennifer Rees Larcombe fans, and for those wanting to help and support others enduring loss.

"When my life seemed burnt to ashes, the last thing I could cope with was lengthy Bible passages, yet the Bible contains many verses which encourage and comfort people who are grappling with grief and loss. I began collecting these verses and sticking them all over my kitchen walls! My favourite verse reminded me that God could transform the ashes of my life into something new and beautiful. This book grew out of my collection of "kitchen verses", combined with some of the practical tips and helpful ideas for those adjusting to loss of various kinds, given to me at the time by others who know how it feels from personal experience."

This is a book for keeping by the bedside, for dipping into just for a few moments every day, offering help along the way for the hardest times.

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A little treasure
"This book (combined with Jennifer's Living Faith DVD) and of course the bible have been the most helpful reading material I have come across in this journey of grief. It offers hope of finding a new life and future in God following heartbreaking circumstances. Jennifer's honesty and humanity shine through and it allows others, following a similar path, to know that there is a place of healing after painful loss. I would highly recommend it!"
Nov 26 2011, 09:14 AMby Irene Boyle

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